Aran Ring-Ring-Black Buddha Jewelry

Aran Ring

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Less is more. Unless we're talking cake, in which case more is always more.

Scandinavian minimalism is at the core of our concept, and we love how this men's ring exudes both confidence and self-assurance in its simple, elegant design.

  • Handmade by local Balinese artisans
  • 92.5% recycled sterling silver
  • Comfortable and lightweight

Asmund Berserks-Slayer is a viking hero in a legendary saga. By the time Asmund was twelve, he was already fully grown, considered a better man than any in the land. Until he one day bumped into his equal in Aran while hunting hares. Aran was the son of the King of Tartary, a vast country in the northern parts of Asia.

They performed every athletic feat known to young men in those days. Finally, overcome with exhaustion after performing with equal skill at every contest, they agreed to become blood brothers and to never test each other’s skill with weapons, since they would both end up dead.

From that day on, they promised to split everything between them. Aran then gave Asmund a half-share of his ships and men, and the two sailed off to Tartary.

    Care instructions: 
    Sterling silver can tarnish over time. We recommend using a flannel polishing cloth to clean the pieces.

    Your order will come packaged in a handwoven, eco-friendly and unique wallet made out of recycled Pandanus palm tree leaves. You can reuse the packaging as gift wrap and for storage.