Jerá Harvest Rune Bracelet-Bracelet-Black Buddha Jewelry
Jerá Harvest Rune Bracelet-Bracelet-Black Buddha Jewelry

Jerá Harvest Rune Bracelet

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Does this enchanting harvest rune bracelet resonate with you somehow? Are you at a turning point in life? Maybe you've been through a series of hardships, but now you're ready for a positive change? Or maybe you know someone who is ready for a change and needs a final push? Then this bracelet's for you!

This captivating branch bracelet has an incorporated Old Norse rune called Jerá (pronunciation: yehr-ah), which represents "change" - and most frequently a both permanent and positive change as a reward after hardship. Its resizable design makes it look personalized for anyone who wears it, and comes as a ring, too.

  • Adjustable
  • Handmade by local Balinese artisans
  • Made from recycled 92.5 sterling silver
  • Comfortable and lightweight.

Use this bracelet as a talisman to:

  • Build positive changes
  • Manifest achieving your goals
  • Remind you of cause-and-effect to keep yourself focused on the goal and in harmony with natural rhythms
  • Find the right time for the right actions
  • Manifest ideas into material reality
  • Heal emotional wounds from the past and let go what no longer serves you
  • Stay committed to the way to your goals
  • Stay committed to actions that are beneficial for your health
  • Grow your business and attract prosperity
  • Ensure prosperous harvest in your garden
  • Remind yourself that you (and your efforts) are the source of your own joy.

The story:
As with a successful harvest, Jerá is a rune of material gain upon past efforts. In this day and age, where we can just pop into a restaurant or the grocery store, we forget that the flour we buy had to be planted, tended, harvested, shelled and ground. Jerá thus reminds us of the value of effort. It reminds us that everything is happening as it should happen, and the time is coming to enjoy it. Jerá may also represent that little extra push that one needs to finish a job -- that final motivation that sees a job through to its successful conclusion.

Size guide: 
Adjustable (NB: sterling silver is a soft metal, so please be gentle when adjusting the bracelet and don't bend it open more than necessary before sliding it on).

Care instructions: 
Sterling silver can tarnish over time. We recommend using a flannel polishing cloth to clean the pieces.

Your order will come packaged in a handwoven, eco-friendly and unique wallet made out of recycled Pandanus palm tree leaves. You can reuse the packaging as gift wrap and for storage.