Agung Mala Bracelet-Bracelet-Black Buddha Jewelry

Agung Mala Bracelet

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Handmade and unique, this edgy unisex bracelet uses one of the oldest natural stones across the world, lava stone.

  • High-quality natural lava stone beads
  • One size, adjustable
  • Beads are +/- 6mm
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to mix and match with other bracelets

The lava stone is sourced from one of Bali's three vulcanos, Mount Agung. This volcano also one of the more hot-tempered ones and spews ash from time to time, the last eruption being in May 2019.

Pro tip:
Add a few drops of essential oil to the lava stones, and you have yourself an essential oil diffuser.

The bracelet can also serve as a great accent to your watch or any other bracelet, and can be used for both spicing up your outfit and for casual everyday use.

Care instructions:
Each piece of lava stone jewelry is handmade with natural materials and therefore unique, hence you can expect some size and color variations.

Your order will come packaged in a handwoven, eco-friendly and unique wallet made out of recycled Pandanus palm tree leaves. You can reuse the packaging as gift wrap and for storage.