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What are your products made from?

Our products are made from 100% recycled 92.5 sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones.

Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, so please embrace character and small imperfections. Each of our gorgeous gemstones is completely unique, so shapes and sizes will vary.

Is your silver Fairmined?

Fairtrade silver is extremely limited in its supply. It mainly is a byproduct of the gold mining. So, there are very few kilos a month, and what is there is spoken for by companies that have been involved with Fairtrade for a very long time. 

Here’s hoping demand for Fairmined silver will grow so it will be easier for everyone to buy Fairtrade silver jewelry, and maybe we will stock it soon!

How do you pack the jewelry?

As a small business, we personally pack and ship each and every order. Each piece of jewelry is inspected by us one last time before it's carefully wrapped in recycled tissue paper and put in a handmade pouch, made from recycled palm tree leaves that have previously been used for ceremonies like weddings, birthday parties and various celebrations aimed at praising and thanking the Gods and ancestors. 

In Indonesia, pandanus leaves are mainly used for handicrafts. Artisans collect the leaves from plants in the wild, cutting only mature leaves so that the plant will naturally regenerate. The leaves are then sliced into fine strips and sorted for further processing like twisted rope..

We also use more eco-friendly and recyclable supplies, and we're always on the search for better options and packing materials as they become available.

Below are just a few details that go into the packing of your order from Black Buddha Jewelry:

• The jewelry is never individually bagged in plastic, saving a lot of plastic bags every year.
• The tissue paper used is made of 100% recycled paper.
• All shipping packaging is FSC-certified
• If you're a Danish resident and choose the Re-zip option, all packaging is sustainable and reusable.
• The jewelry wallets are made of handwoven, recycled Pandanus palm tree leaves.
• Paper packing slips are not included, these will be sent to your email instead.
• We don't offer express overnight shipping which requires airmail for virtually all packages. Instead, all orders ship via the most economical and efficient delivery method the mail carrier suggests.

Your packages always arrive neatly packed, and our hope is that when you open it, it feels like opening a gift. If it's a gift for someone else, just add a paper bag (or one of these cool reusable pieces of cloth from the Organic Company) and it's ready to go.

What is ethical jewelry?

Ethical jewelry refers to ornaments made using fair and sustainable practices like using recycled sterling silver and not using any harsh or unnecessary chemicals.

We minimise on plastic wherever we can and donate to organisations that support a healthy environment.

We're also members of GoGreen, a Danish network for companies who want to improve their environmental footprint.

As Black Buddha Jewelry grows, we'll continue to improve every aspect of the brand's sustainability mission, while making sure it's an enjoyable experience every time your order arrives. 

Our handwoven, eco-friendly and unique wallets made out of recycled palm tree leaves

Our handwoven, eco-friendly and unique wallets
made out of recycled palm tree leaves