Branches Need Roots Pendant-Pendant-Black Buddha Jewelry
Branches Need Roots Pendant-Pendant-Black Buddha Jewelry

Branches Need Roots Pendant

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Remind yourself (or a loved one) to accept the highs and lows as a natural and healthy part of a harmonious life with this edgy and reversible unisex pendant. 

  • Handmade by local Balinese artisans
  • Made from recycled 92.5 sterling silver
  • Reversible.

The story:
Much like Newton postulated centuries ago - that for every action, there is an equal opposite reaction - the Balinese believe that there are two opposing forces that are required to maintain universal balance. This concept is called "rwa bhineda", meaning “two opposites”.

As an agrarian society, nature is never far from the life of the Balinese. The ancient concept of "Palemahan" encompasses our responsibilities towards nature and teaches compassion towards lesser beings. It is a reminder that we are not alone on this planet; we’re sharing it with nature.

However, nature is not just the physical and the tangible. The Balinese believe that nature is the dwelling of both good and evil, and that you must please and appease both the gods and the demons. Everything exists as a duality, and it is the existence of this duality that brings a cosmic balance to the universe.

According to the philosophies, good and evil are inseparable. To understand one, you must have experienced the other.⁣ Heaven and hell, high and low, branches and roots.. Life is all about balance.

Hence the name, Black Buddha, which denotes the merge of darkness and light.

Care instructions: 
Sterling silver can tarnish over time. We recommend using a flannel polishing cloth to clean the pieces.

Your order will come packaged in a handwoven, eco-friendly and unique wallet made out of recycled Pandanus palm tree leaves. You can reuse the packaging as gift wrap and for storage.