Mindful Vs. Mindless Consumption

As humans, consumption is inevitable. We need to consume in order to live. But this doesn’t mean we should consume mindlessly – although this is definitely easier said than done, with approx. 95% of all purchasing decisions being subconscious, according to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman.

We live in a technological age that offers us an abundance of choice and convenience. If you’re reading this, then you’re in the approx. 50% of the world’s population that has access to the internet. This also means that you have access to an almost endless amount of products and services online. It’s easy and convenient to shop cheap, fast fashion. And it’s easy to shop often. OOH, click, buy, repeat.

Add to the mix an increasing digital marketing knowledge about subconscious emotion-based consumption, and you’re suddenly fighting unplanned impulse shopping that is exactly the opposite of slow and sustainable fashion.

So, while it’s not entirely our own fault that we from time to time fall into the impulse consumption trap (been there, done that), the choice is still there to at least have an intention of shopping consciously and mindfully. Intentionally put yourself in a position where you’re not subconsciously coerced into buying something you wouldn’t have otherwise, by e.g. planning your purchases or by choosing to visit on- and offline stores that have a real dedication to the planet.

Like all things in life, with great choice comes great responsibility. Slow fashion isn’t anti-consumption, it’s responsible consumption.

Slow fashion then, much like slow living, isn’t about buying nothing (although running around life naked would arguably be the most sustainable – and most fun – option). It’s about choosing to navigate away from fast fashion and transcend gone-tomorrow trends by buying timeless designs and seasonless styles. It's about being conscious about not only what you shop, but also where you shop. 

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